Readings online

We help you create online subject reading lists for your students in the Learning Management System (LMS).You can provide electronic access to prescribed materials e.g. journal articles, book sections, conference papers, images, and movies easily as we manage copyright compliance and accessibility on your behalf and it's all managed within your subject in the LMS.

We are moving to new software for managing online readings from Semester 1 2015 which will offer online readings linked directly from your LMS subject so the submission process is different from previous years.

Submitting readings

1. Open your subject in the LMS and click on the eReserve icon. Detailed instructions to come on how to add the eReserve icon to your LMS subject.

2. Choose to add multiple readings by uploading an RIS file or create an individual reading and upload a PDF. Click here for instructions.

3. Create headings and drag and drop readings into the order you want them.

When you can add readings

  • The new Readings Online software will be online from December 18 2014.
  • You can add readings as soon as your subject is available in the LMS.

Time frames for readings needing staff processing

Full-text items from our online collections will be available immediately.

Items that require a PDF to be uploaded should be processed in 2 weeks.

It may take longer:

  • At busy times 
  • If you give incorrect or incomplete details for readings.

Getting help

If you need any assistance please email us at