Readings online

We create online subject reading lists for University of Melbourne academic staff.

We provide electronic access to prescribed material for students eg. journal articles, book sections, conference papers, images and movies.

We will manage copyright compliance requirements on your behalf.

We provide readings in an accessibility friendly format. 

We will add your reading list to the University Library Digital Repository.

You can then link to your reading list from the Learning Management System (LMS).

How long it takes

We create most reading lists in 8 weeks.

It may take longer:

  • At busy times 
  • If your reading list is long, 
  • If your readings are difficult to locate, or 
  • If you give wrong or incomplete details for readings.

We prioritise subjects with large numbers of students, or subjects that have vision impaired students.

Submitting a reading list

We are not accepting any more reading lists for 1st semester 2014.

We'll be accepting lists for Semester 2 after the 28th of April.

Lists that are submitted to us after April 28th and before June 1st are guaranteed to be online for the start of Semester 2.

Lists submitted after this date will be added as quickly as possible but there's no guarantee that they will be online by the start of semester.

  1. Submit this form
  2. Fill out this spreadsheet
  3. Email the spreadsheet to us at
  4. If any of your readings are unavailable in electronic format, post paper copies to: Readings Online - Ground Floor, 780 Elizabeth Street.

Add your reading list to the Learning Management System (LMS)